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Dislocated Concert

Interview in Valentia Radio

6th of May, 2013

Plastic Crowds has sent one of its founding members, Manuel Martínez, to be interviewed by Valentia  Radio. We share with you what are we talking about.


HHRR meeting

26th of February, 2013

Plastic Crowds keeps growing… and not just in the number of collaborators! This morning we had a meeting with Hilario Pablos, a member of SECOT A Coruña in our office at Centro de Novas Tecnoloxías de Galicia (New Technologies Centre of Galicia). 


22nd of January, 2013

From today we are officially a Youth-Cultural Association. After a month of journey through half of Europe, the envelope with the statutes arrived to Santiago de Compostela, so we were able to deliver them to the Government of Galicia. We are taking shape!

We have a tutor

18th of January, 2013.

From today we have a tutor from the SECOT, an association of retirees (or seniors) that is focused in advising new entrepreneurs. The truth is that the first contacts that we have made with them have been promising.

Corporative Identity

7th of January, 2013

We have started to work in the corporative identity; we expect to finish it as soon as possible. Wow!

We must confess that we actually asked Santa Claus to bring it to us as Christmas present, but he gave us charcoal instead… so we must start working on it NOW.

Getting Contacts!

14th of December, 2012

Today we are part of Getting Contacts! In Santiago de Compostela. It was really interesting, we met many design, audiovisual and art related companies as well as architects and web designers. It was a full morning, we had 30 interviews of 15 minutes, but don’t panic, the prize were delicious appetizers. 

Plastic Crowds!

Thursday, 22nd of november, 2012.

Today Plastic Crowds is born. The assembly met today at 20:30pm, we named the group and bought the domain

We are in Yuzz

23rd of November, 2012

Today we got good news! We have been selected to be part of YUZZ grant.

Let us explain you what does this mean. YUZZ is a grant of Banesto Foundation that, in collaboration with the government of Galicia, is focused in promoting technological-based projects. And yes, we were chosen!

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