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Dislocated Concert

Pública 14

16th of February, 2014

After two days of talks, conversations and the occasional drink , it's time to look back and rank to Public 14. Two days for a calendar littered with papers, workshops and activities, so you had to choose which were the most interesting for each are presented . This is very interesting because not all participants have the same interests and is a great way to generate multiple simultaneous paths.

Emerging stronger from crisis

15th of February, 2014

Emerging stronger from crisis. The experience of Teatro Real. Ignacio García- Berenguer

The word crisis is translated into Chinese by WEI -CHI . It is formed by the union of two graphics that mean danger and opportunity. Tomas aware of the danger , but recognize the opportunity .

Cultural leadership

14 de febrero de 2014

Cultural leadership vs. the crisis.

Maybe it's the most interesting session , in my opinion , all offered along these meetings . With an extremely simple approach heading exposed four principles applicable in this case , cultural management , which certainly can be powerful tools in the right hands . There are four obvious questions as could be but , unfortunately for many, we forget how daily.

Vision , creativity, risk taking and alliances.

Funding lines

13th of February, 2014

In recent years we have witnessed how the State reduced daily participation in the cultural life of the country. Discuss this continues to be a no-brainer for all known , more interesting stand at this point to understand the following lines of funding for the proposed ICC in this forum .

Out of place

12th of February, 2014

In Public 14 we had the opportunity to see how a series of speakers showed as much of the sector is living with her back to reality, or do not know if this is worse , repeating the same services that have led to this situation.

While you can not make a straight or Eurocentric reading in which everyone has to evolve at a time or to follow the same guidelines , there were two presentations that we clearly described a model that seemed to land in Europe in early 2000.

Alternatives to the hegemonic

11th of February, 2014

Madrid is on sale . Not sure if it is by way of revenge Eurovegas running out or some kind of personal obsession to turn the city into a caricature , a kind of theme park for consumption which tradition becomes mere facade. In the background have not discovered anything new, is it the usual see - development models based on tourism - taken to extremes. We have removed the mask.

Internet and the single thinking

5th of April, 2013

It is not the first time that I attend to a talk in which the speaker praises the many virtues of internet and highlights that it is a tool full of diversity which is accessible to all-or nearly all-the worldwide information. Even, if you are white haired that information would probably end in an anecdote related to your youth.

The comfort of the conventional

27th of February, 2013

Maybe it was because it was the first time that I visited the fair or maybe it was because I had set my expectations too high, I don’t know, I actually have no idea of what I was expecting from ARCO’13 but at least it was not what I found there. Is it just this what the Spanish galleries can offer? I know that we live in a time of crises and economic difficulties and that they had been repeating over and over that the number of sales would be much more inferior this year due to the VAT increasing but…

Much ARCO about nothing

22nd of February, 2013

If you come with the hope of finding something amazing in ARCO stop reading because if anything has characterized the most expected art fair in Spain is that risks were left aside. This year promised to be hard for ARCO- The most complicated since the start of the crisis- This is why this non-risky attitude can even be considered as wise.

World Ended Yesterday

22nd of December, 2012

In the end the Mayans were wrong. Who would have thought? Against all expectations the world still turns. With not so much as a meteorite or zombie apocalypse that erases humankind without leaving a trace. Believe it or not, but this is of particular importance and interest to Plastic Crowds. Until now we were unwilling to commence our work. It would be frivolous to dedicate our energy and attention to projects that will never be finished. We are after all perfectionists.

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