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Dislocated Concert

15th of February, 2014

Emerging stronger from crisis. The experience of Teatro Real. Ignacio García- Berenguer

The word crisis is translated into Chinese by WEI -CHI . It is formed by the union of two graphics that mean danger and opportunity. Tomas aware of the danger , but recognize the opportunity .

You have to create models with a strong foundation to overcome the successive crises . You have to use more professional criteria. Teatro Real The model is based on funding from four aspects : 30 % public funding , sponsorship 30% , 30 % inputs, 10 % Brand Teatro Real , which is shaped by advertising , restaurant, rental of space, etc . - .

The opera should be an essential element in supporting and promoting culture . Teatro Real The plan seeks to achieve a space opera reference criteria of quality and excellence in artistic programming. This is to involve civil society , together with friends , sponsorships , nationals and foreigners.

The key to this performance lies in promoting the value of " brand Teatro Real ." An idea of efficiency to ensure the management of resources to ensure the viability of the institution. The ultimate objective is none other than professionalize cultural .

The trigger model change is the change in public institutions . In 2009 the state government subsidies , the Community of Madrid and the City down 60% to 30 % , ie , from € 27.7 million to 12.8 million in 2014. This is complemented with decreased spending and human resources of around 50% .

This is not an ideal measure for the city because it threatens the existence of the institution and this reverses revenue indirectly in their environment. It has been studied than 1 € 0.43 tax return grant and subsidy generates € 1 € 3.8 GDP - the hairdresser , taxi, dinner ... - .

In this situation there was a support of civil society , increasing its stake in the Royal Theatre to fill this gap . The fundamental problem of focusing on the involvement of the private sector is that this can be exhausting , it can not meet the growing demand in organizations so far relied on public money. On the other hand the public sector can also compete in the persecution by private capital competition which can also hurt .

What has sought to reform the organization of the Teatro Real is the financial, political and artistic autonomy , through the professionalization of culture , which had strong support from civil society.

Juan Matabosh

What sense is there the Royal Theatre.

To begin the broadcast , as there is a vocation of service to the community. If a theater is needed to the community is because we want to turn the opera into a social good , release the monopoly of a social class.

It aims for integration through a strategy of interweaving of the opera in the cultural milieu . In the social sphere there has been a change in the draft community it belongs debate and has become the center of a cultural debate. The strategy focuses on promoting the opera no longer a hobby and becomes a habit and an educated person . In short, it seeks to integrate the opera within the field of interest of the fans.

The consumption of the opera is genuinely artistic .

Seeking opening . Enrich personal experience public awareness to the work, a sensitivity to aesthetics. This line is essential to enrich the repertoire of the theater composers of our time. Betting on contemporary drama , it is understood that this may enrich the opera and produces receptiveness .

The viewer rediscover the work rather than just remember it.

Discover is rethought work, feel what you hear . This contrasts with the concept to remember, it is merely passive , something that is far from the artistic experience. This applies to both the public and the artists. As Thomas Mann gave , avoid the habit .

What strikes you is the comfort tradition .

A public theater public awareness should place the custom and tradition of the theater as an asset , never a target.

Tradition is summarized in awareness of the theater itself and the city itself. No talking in terms of market for traditional public conservation maintaining traditions does not mean for sure keep the public .

Sensitivity ; behind a large theater is a tradition that has made big that theater. You have to understand , analyze it and see what is done with it. You can not ignore but you can alter or change the code. There is a code that can be taken consciously altered to generate a new meaning. This is what the developer should know . Remove and reflect.


In short, it worth there ?

Rate the opera is there to appreciate that there is a human being. Sorry , beyond material needs. We understand who we are and what we feel , is what makes us share experiences. Art is the only language that conveys the complexity of experience , just as a reality created to be shared by many. An educated society is able to express and share . Source of pleasure to own and shared feelings all at the service of expression .

In the words of Mortier : " If we do not build more theaters will have to build more prisons. "


Manuel Martínez
*Plastic Crowds co-editor

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