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Dislocated Concert

16th of February, 2014

After two days of talks, conversations and the occasional drink , it's time to look back and rank to Public 14. Two days for a calendar littered with papers, workshops and activities, so you had to choose which were the most interesting for each are presented . This is very interesting because not all participants have the same interests and is a great way to generate multiple simultaneous paths.

We really interesting interventions such as offered us the directive of the Royal Theatre , presenting attendees with a full statement of the economic data of this organization and its artistic plan medium and long term. Enriching readings on alternative cultural reality of Madrid or useful tools that address manage projects or institutions were also presented.

However we regret the presence of outdated speakers showcasing our cases completely useless context or merely reading data tables . Even sterile debates about what should be the formation of a cultural manager , those who end up leaving the wizard roughly at the point where it was initially presented . This could shed light prevented attendees all being summarized in a mere reading of reality.

In this line , Triodos Bank offered a very entertaining talk in which he spoke of the need values ​​and readings featuring humanism on the world not keep walking toward the cliff. A very emotional speech which certainly served to more than one would raise a new account at the bank but , unfortunately for the audience, contributed little about how this entity funded cultural projects or what their plan for the short, medium and long term in this area.

As always good things come in hallways and bars . Like anything interesting is in the interstices and a conversation with the right person can bring more light than all the talks of the meeting together.

It is true what is said , if one attends only by charles may be a disappointment not worth 250 € (no discounts ) enrollment. What matters is that the list consists of twelve pages showing all the attendees that, if used wisely can generate large networking and encourage future projects. This is the forte of this meeting. On a more modest level must also include the ability of these meetings to put people in tune with the same concerns.

For future editions would be interesting to raise the level of the talks , if the effort to bring someone serve to provide different views to provide perspective to the reality.


Manuel Martínez
*Plastic Crowds co-editor

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