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Dislocated Concert

1st of October, 2013

The completion of the Dislocated September 20 concert allowed us to draw some conclusions and make the result of the development of events. It is true that this is a pilot project , so normal in these cases is that the initial proposals , as well as searches or hypotheses may be subjected to substantial changes in their encounter with the reality of the medium. Experienced during the implementation of this project did not escape these terms.

However, far from being an insult , these conditions and changes found during the course of events represented a rich experience undoubtedly helped enlarge the conceptual design load and the quality of the expected results.

The premises on which the starting point of this project is based sought the ability to mask the latencies that occur in the exchange of data between different points in order to generate an ensemble piece fruit of the sum of three separate parts . This part would sound simultaneously when calculating these latencies and adjust the various lags due to prior storage in a buffer. This calculation was impossible since the latencies are not stable and vary continuously throughout the broadcast. Providing measurements ranging from seven seconds for two minutes . At first they thought it was a network issue , so we proceeded to change locations to provide all issuers spaces a minimum speed of 100M downstream and 5 of climb, always using fiber optic connections . This new change of location did not improve measurements so at that time was aware of the impossibility of achieving the initial hypothesis.

This allowed a deep reflection on what happened between team members . The initial error was to understand the Internet as a channel and not as a means . That " information highway " to which reference was made years has commonly understood as a process of data exchange in which there are no distances without going beyond their possibilities . The fact is that, far from simply transmitting information , internet performs a mediating role in this exchange .

We understand , therefore, the internet as an autonomous medium, a medium that is able to modify, create and print your essence in what passes through their networks.

Just as in other areas of artistic creation nobody raises masking material or means to look like something else , it is understood that there is sufficient autonomy and that mask it would be before a lie , we were aware that following the line of masking in which we are engaged never get make a mildly interesting production. On the other hand , in the creative act one has to be fully aware of the qualities of the material you are working at all times , for only then will get to extract the maximum from it.

With the dislocated concert we managed to bring out the creative medium that is the internet by using the selected pieces because they were made ​​in the traditional manner . Works intended for a limited time as is the chamber music medium were exposed in an open and alien as the internet. With that what was achieved is to deepen the gap described above and bring out the true essence of independent means .

The fact of being in an environment with autonomy allows us to open a field of artistic research to deepen the possibilities it offers , and massaged neglected in many cases so far.

The selected works were performed as planned at first , ie , " dislocated " but simultaneously. This was possible thanks to the previous recording director in television studios of the University of Vigo following the score and musical patterns whose audio was taken in rehearsals September 7 , with the participation of the three sections of musicians participating in the project without dislocating . Later this video was edited to include additional information that prevented musicians lost. Along with the instructions of the director, the exact number of compas in which the letters in the score and time were set out .

This video allowed achieve accuracy in the issuance , ie the three sections that they had a simultaneous origin .

The creative act of the medium occurs at this time in the transition of information from point A to point B reception emission place where technicians performing the filling of the part.

In this range the emitted internet piece is deformed by following a principle of randomness , which is evident in either ear for beats stubborn.

Internet in this case acts as an active agent in the creation of music , it is postulated to the viewer as an interpreter of the broadcast work . An unpredictable , unique and creative Variable action provides new avenues of research in the field of musical creation .

The work done by different composers who were participants in this experiment not only suffered the usual variations result of the interpretation with respect to the initial idea was to add to this creative action on this online, and postulated a new performer .

We are introduced to the old debate on the place of residence of the authorship of the work , disputed between the composer , the performer or the medium in which it is issued .

On the other hand we are presented with an issue that appears whenever you go through the possibilities of a new artistic medium. This is to overcome the recipes and outside the medium approaches from other related or traditional. Something that not only lets you grant autonomy , but also gives an open mind to advance and apply new approaches.

The concept of randomness in art and in the creative act has been a constant source of inspiration, taking its peak in the avant-garde and explored taking the principles of fantasy literature of Raymond Russell. Here we have a new medium with a strong element of randomness that take advantage. An avenue of research that has no meaning or masking lies with self-referential reflections to deepen the qualities offered by this medium for artistic creation opens.

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