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Dislocated Concert

11th of February, 2014

Madrid is on sale . Not sure if it is by way of revenge Eurovegas running out or some kind of personal obsession to turn the city into a caricature , a kind of theme park for consumption which tradition becomes mere facade. In the background have not discovered anything new, is it the usual see - development models based on tourism - taken to extremes. We have removed the mask.

The exposed data corroborate these shortcomings , which theaters are closed , prices are set to public spaces and data of tourism in the city of Madrid are still negative despite the increase in the whole state . Maybe you could be a critical reading of this.

We are in a time when the state is openly hostile to the world of culture and the economic situation does not help. It seems that all that can be done is as mainstream as the rest and no company is ruinous bet on it. However, Nietzsche said that the transcendental arises , although , and this is what is happening on a small scale in cities. From beginning to emerge based responses popular initiative to output current needs .

They are ideas without intermediaries that are projected directly onto the field of action, on the basis and building a solid foundation of legitimacy among the population. Whether you Tetouan, Barley Market , or Tabacalera is called. These examples not only be found when rummaging in Madrid, but also throughout the Spanish state , often where you least expect it. They are responses to the needs of the population .

Examples of the positive effects of these centers in society were exposed in these days thanks to the case of the University Museum of Poplar, in Mexico , which served as a catalyst to transform a neighborhood or make visible the experiences that were emerging in the neighborhoods. They are a means of social escape.

The problem can be generated with these initiatives is a reading taken advantage of the administration, not to appropriate the authorship of anonymous projects in an effort to hang medals or fill empty spaces , but it neglects its duties stipulated in their skills. Never seen this as a substitute but as a complement or an alternative to the hegemonic readings.

This type of social work base is critical to offer society a safety valve that ensures social peace. I speak not prevent rupture or popular eruption toward change as in Burgos few weeks as this is a sign of health. Speak to avoid the creation of ghettos or groups who feel excluded , as this only leads to violence , as happened in Paris in 2005 . And, as Mortier said, "If we do not build more theaters will have to build more prisons."


Manuel Martínez
*Plastic Crowds co-editor

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