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Dislocated Concert

12th of February, 2014

In Public 14 we had the opportunity to see how a series of speakers showed as much of the sector is living with her back to reality, or do not know if this is worse , repeating the same services that have led to this situation.

While you can not make a straight or Eurocentric reading in which everyone has to evolve at a time or to follow the same guidelines , there were two presentations that we clearly described a model that seemed to land in Europe in early 2000.

Reinventing the museum turned out to be a lesson in how to get back to the future, how to apply the concepts that are being done in contemporary museology skipping the big advances like the distinction between the past and the current . Admittedly , this case illustrated a Chilean reality , something I dont know why I can not come to judge depth , but if I criticize when presented at a forum on European soil to be completely out of place and be anachronistic.

However, the most flagrant example was offered by David Mareček with his lecture " Stimulating an ossified institution : The Czech Philharmonic ." In it, the director of the Philharmonic exposed us the changes made in this orchestra in recent years . I will not criticize the quality of music because I understand that if your art director is Jiří Bělohlávek can not be bad. What I am going to question is the idea that follows the title of the conference , rehabilitate something stagnant .

The solution we propose here is essentially repeating the same pattern of widespread European orchestras from 1990 to 2000 with more money.

One of its strengths is the creation of a record label in 2015 , an industry that , as we all know , has a promising future. Control elements in addition to a wage increase of 60% couples quadrupled work load is also proposed. In relative terms their wages have risen in absolute terms but we see that not only have dropped their wages but working conditions are worse. Its director tells us they are very happy , even recorded on Sunday without protest. I think his version is a little biased.

In short, clearly has not been very well aware of what it's about and what are the real problems facing the sector . The only proposed solution is a patch to maintain a model of another era. At no time do care about more participatory citizens or defend a public service as a part of them . The solution is a blank check and continue that forward flight . Remember , the solution to all problems is a blank check and not review the structures, happier lives .


Manuel Martínez
*Plastic Crowds co-editor

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