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14 de febrero de 2014

Cultural leadership vs. the crisis.

Maybe it's the most interesting session , in my opinion , all offered along these meetings . With an extremely simple approach heading exposed four principles applicable in this case , cultural management , which certainly can be powerful tools in the right hands . There are four obvious questions as could be but , unfortunately for many, we forget how daily.

Vision , creativity, risk taking and alliances.

Anyone who knows me will know that I am not a friend of magic recipes for the four-point barrier separating the televangelist or a lesson that goes in front of the student and he really knows what he's talking are really fuzzy . However, this conference was interesting because in no time getting a well exposed and provide practical examples corroborate idea. Applied to the practical issues that can not be taken as paradigms but can offer ideas or lines to consider for future case studies.

Examples 4 elements of leadership and cultural matters .

1. VISION . There are a lot of theory , many schemes of vision and strategy. You have to choose and you can read a lot but in practice is this: Glass Museum in Holland. Was building a house. 4 employees and a volunteer.

GIVE BACK . " I will not say that we have everything and I'm going to say what there is to see . I will tell everyone they know something about glass that comes in Holland , joins everyone and think what can be done . " In 10 years he managed to turn around raised as working in space with young artists , seniors artisans , fashion designers , etc. . Got the whole collection will be visible and to become a center of internationally renowned glass . Furthermore rejuvenated educational programs. With less public money had 20 employees 150 volunteers and 90,000 visitors. Ie a different view .

2. CREATIVITY . "It is the field of artists." True, the artists are creative , but creativity is to think smart way to where to go .

ARTEZ ACADEMY. This school opened a store , " Shop Coming soon " . It sells what students produce . There is a long way from thinking about an idea and selling. Students have to work in a shop, share with colleagues and see the public reaction to their works. A population was interested in the initiative and the city became one of the cities of Dutch design .

3. TAKE RISK. In discussing risk culture many times, this is an idea and hope that people will like and .

OPEN SPHINXPARK . In the city center of Mastrich factory was removed and the land was empty. What they did was occupy without permission. Not announced anything, quietly organized and made a public park. The response was huge because all citizens were interested in space. Beekeepers put hives , others put orchards, other flowers. In the center a wooden structure as a civic center was available and activities such as yoga classes , concerts, etc were organized. Citizens who managed to become the most alive city park . There were so many people involved that the city did not react until four months later, it closed . Is the idea to go ahead and produce their own experiences when is the right time.

4. ALLIANCES . This is the case of the web KICKSTARTER . Her 132 projects originating in Spain came out . It is a partnership based on Crowdfounding . Half of these projects were successful.

These ideas are embodied in all these organizations . The Rijks museum also works well . We may think that people will stand in line when the doors open , but the people who are growing lives in a different world , so it is essential to create new structures to reach the public .

These days it is essential to try different ways and explore options instead of fighting as it was so far - Well structures are ten years ago . Today we are told to do the same with less money , but it is essential to bring people together and find positive experience for ideas , vision and courage . Putting money in the next generation when it is necessary to create change.

In short, look for inspiration in the proper channels and be open to change .


Manuel Martínez
*Plastic Crowds co-editor

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