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Dislocated Concert

Tristán and Isolda

30th of December, 2013

The Challenge

Different voices extracted from Tristan and Isolda opera (Richard Wagner) were analyzed and so reduced to a series of parameters based on notes and chords, these were multiplied by an ascending numerical value equivalent to all the acts in the opera. From this data numerical values graphs were created. These graphs created patterns that allowed a visual reinterpretation of pictorial portraits of the author, Richard Wagner.

Dislocated Concert

1st of October, 2013

The completion of the Dislocated September 20 concert allowed us to draw some conclusions and make the result of the development of events. It is true that this is a pilot project , so normal in these cases is that the initial proposals , as well as searches or hypotheses may be subjected to substantial changes in their encounter with the reality of the medium. Experienced during the implementation of this project did not escape these terms.

We are printing

12th of June, 2013

We are printing. Come back in 5 min. (VIDEO)

Mixed Dots

6th of May, 2013

Here comes our new video! We hope you enjoy it.

First order

18th of December, 2012

The Orquesta Clásica de Vigo (Vigo Classical Orchestra) asked us to make the brochure for their Extraordinary Christmas Concert (28th December, 2012). We are in charge of the text and design. We hope that they like it.


Cultural Bubbles

19th of December, 2012

It is decided, we have a topic for the first issue of Plastic Crowds. We will make a critique to the institutions. We want to work about the political cultures of the countries where we live focused in the idea of ‘bubble’. What are the bubbles? Why do they affect us? What can we do?

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